Sci-fi narratives - Science-based stories about our future oceans

Scenario building via science fiction prototyping

The four scenarios are built on a robust foundation of scientific knowledge, including:

1)  Technological frontiers

2)  Marine ecology, ocean and fisheries science

3)  The global fishing and seafood industry

4)  Marine management, governance and socio-economic shifts

The scenarios were developed following the method of Science-Fiction Prototyping, developed by Brian David Johnson when he was the futurist at Intel Corporation. Mr Johnson is now the futurist in residence at Arizona State University, Center for Science and the Imagination. This method is described in detail in the scientific paper published in the journal Futures.

I have also written a commentary piece for titled 'Can science fiction reimagine the future of global development?' You can read it here

Here you will find an interview with the global design firm Designit about how the Science Fiction Prototyping approach used in the Radical Ocean Futures project is relevant and useful for design practice.

We have linked key elements in each of the narrative scenarios to relevant peer-reviewed academic papers, news articles from reputable publications and credible websites to give you the opportunity to explore beyond Radical Ocean Futures. We wish you well on your explorations into the future oceans and the scientific work that helps us to imagine them.